Music Video Recommendation: “Little Turns” by Erin K

Erin K

Texas-born/UK based indie singer/songwriter Erin K brings us her latest track “Little Turns” and it is absolutely amazing. The song speaks directly to us and allows to see into the ups and downs of life and how they affect her and how we can see a reflection of our adventure as well.  With an honesty that is palpable, she lets verses and melodies become one thus creating a soundscape that manages to feel like home when you listen to it. Honestly, Erin is on the path to be a force nature in the music scene and we are excited to see and hear what she will bring. From a voice that is real and capable of grasping a wide range of feelings and emotions to melodies that are everlasting and perfect for storytelling, she is made for this. So enter her world and become an instant fan just like I have. Enjoy!

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