“Not Alone” by Trenton

Indie singer/songwriter Trenton arrives at Wolf in a Suit for the first time with a beautiful and everlast modern-day ballad for the masses with “Not Alone”. The talented artist allows his voice to flow easily caressing each emotion and truly embracing the message behind his verses. We are provided with musical perfection build up from a passionate approach in one of the most amazing crafts. He understands how melodies and words unite and tell a story and it all hit home even more as you can sense the connection he has with it. From the soundscape that is so personal to him and his story, we can find a reflection of ours and we are floored with the realization of this. The track is a gentle and beautiful reminder of what humanity is capable of and how we can all be there for each since, in the end, we are all in this adventure together. Enjoy!

“You’re not alone
(Everything is new
Nothing left to lose
Daring and invincible)
You’re never alone
(Search beyond the sea
Who you’re meant to be
Image of a miracle)
You’re not alone
(Heart magnificent
Feel your innocence”

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