Listen: “One in the same” by Jordan Mackampa

“One in the same” by Jordan Mackampa

UK based indie singer/songwriter Jordan Mackampa brings us his latest track “One in the Same” and it is golden and quite frankly an immediate hit. The track finds something within us and speaks to our hearts directly allowing our eyes to open and see what goes around us. With this soundscape, we get a wide range of feelings and emotions that speak about life, solitude, and how at times our modern methods of communication seem to rule over us. Plus personally, the track has another message as it also serves to remind me that we are all in this together and we all struggle with what life throws at us. It serves to make us feel part of something bigger while also pushing us to be more than what we are now. So step out of your comfort zone, take a look at the world and simply enjoy the beauty and magic that dwells in everything.

This song represents modern day communication between people, whether it’s a friendship or something more intimate. We take for granted how easily we can text, FaceTime or even call a friend/loved one, which I believe has affected the way we talk to one another. Being in a long distance relationship myself, it is very easy to say you’re doing fine over the phone, in comparison to having a chat face to face with my girlfriend and talking about how you’re genuinely feeling — there is a lot to be misunderstood through a phone call, and there’s even more than can be misinterpreted through a lack of human interaction. We are all connected electronically, yet distant from each other somewhat physically & emotionally. I tried to incorporate how much of our “online personas” consume our day to day lives, because no matter where we are in the world, everyone sees the same black screen when their phone dies and it’s only our reflections staring back at us, leaving us all a little bit lonely.Jordan Mackampa

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