Listen: “To Geneva” by Ethansroom

“To Geneva” by Ethansroom

Nashville based Ethan Fortenberry aka Ethansroom brings us a bittersweet and honest soundscape with his single “To Geneva”. With this song, the up and coming singer/songwriter provides with an insightful look into one of the hardest things to do, to let go. He puts his heart out in the open and we can see, feel and hear the pain it goes through as it knows it must say goodbye and take a different path from the one taken by someone else. It’s a song that resonates in matters of life, love, death and more and there lies the magic of it, for it is personally universal. In my case, it reminded me of the grandfather passing away a few years ago and it the melodies and verses gave me a certain peace on this matter that I appreciate and thank him for. So enter his soundscape and find your own reflection waiting for you in them. Enjoy!

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