Music Video Recommendation: “Empress” by Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol

UK indie rock legends Snow Patrol are back at it with new work and from this upcoming must have comes the music video for their song “Empress”. After a pause on new work (notice it was not a hiatus as they continued playing) the guys are putting the pedal to the metal and bring us a unique blend of their classic sound with splashes of something new and invigorating. This amazing band is part of a select group of bands that have given the world amazing music for more than 20 years now and we are glad they are back at it. This song would be the fourth single released to get us excited for what their upcoming album ‘Wildness’ will be. It’s is clear that this gem has something special in its soundscape and that we are bound to connect with the lyrics and the melodies. It’s a song that will touch your heart and fill your soul with something magical that only they can create. So enter the beauty of their world and enjoy this sample of whats to come.

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