Premiere: “Gilded” by Chloe Olivia

“Gilded” by Chloe Olivia

Oklahoma Natives Chloe and Olivia Bray aka Chloe Olivia make their official debut with the inspired and self-exploring gem that is “Gilded”. The talented pair takes a look at the world that surrounds them and dive into the exploration of the self and the human nature that makes it up. They see society for what it truly is, a melting pot in which we all want to shine but not all want to be true to themselves. It’s about the plage that dwells in the world, that sickening need for approval from others even though most are strangers and don’t really care for you. These amazing women want us all to get rid of that nonsense and simply be as authentic as possible for there truly lies our redeeming factor. Enjoy!

“Gilded felt like a fossil to us. It already existed, and we just had to uncover it. The song explores human nature, and how we often seek to gild our lives in order to appear golden to others. We live in an age where it is easy to create a façade for others to see. This song, in a way, seeks to expose that and encourage authenticity.”

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