New Music Alert: “Come follow me down” by George Taylor

“Come follow me down is an invitation from one person to another to join them in their misery. It’s not a wishing of darkness upon someone else, but more of a desperate search for understanding. It’s a love song that calls on that person to feel what you feel in order to understand why you are who you are.” – George Taylor

George Taylor

UK based indie singer/songwriter George Taylor delivers a haunting, honest and raw showcase of feelings, emotions and a special invitation for the one who loves you in “Come follow me down”. The talented artist speaks of not only the good side which is easy to love but about that darkness that dwells in all us and hoping for someone to truly understand it all as a whole. It seeks acceptance of this balance and of the reality that no one is all good and no one is all bad, it wants the right set of eyes capable of seeing this. The melodies search for love, but no one that lives in fairy tales, one that lives in the real world and that can be seen, touched and felt completely. He seeks what we all seek and provides us with a reflection of our adventure. Listen and enjoy!

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