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“Nobody Else” by Charlotte Black

Scottish indie singer/songwriter Charlotte Black finishes her trilogy of first singles with an anthem for summer love perfectly named “Nobody Else”. The talented songstress embodies all the feeling and emotions that surge through our bodies as we find ourselves in those moments when summer brings a little extra. She takes it all in both a playful and honest way really asking the question that always comes to mind, “should I or should I not?”. If you’ve fallen for someone during a summer then you’ll understand her and all that transpires in this soundscape as the story is one that feels as close as a reflection as possible. So enter her magical and inviting love story and enjoy the beauty and fun spirit of the melodies and verses.

[su_quote cite=”Charlotte Black”]This is my favourite out of the three, for me it captures that intense feeling of summer love, and how in those fleeting fiery moments you really don’t want ‘Nobody Else’ – It concludes my trilogy by leaving listeners on a bit of an emotional cliffhanger. Will she or won’t she pursue her summer love in the following tracks…[/su_quote]

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