Listen: “My World, your life” by Johnny Borrell

“My World, your life” by Johnny Borrell

Johnny Borrell is back not only with Razorlight (One of the best bands in the world in my opinion) but also as a solo artist and those two things are amazing news for music lovers around the world. With his latest single “My world, your life” we can clearly listen and see the passion and innate talent he possesses as a singer/songwriter. The track has that perfect balance between the classic and the modern that is just haunting and so mesmerizing to find. Plus his vocals are filled with poetry, fire and that “It” that few have and trust me he is most definitely one of those few. I might be biased as I am a fan of the band and of him as a singer, but there’s no denying the man can sing and write everlasting lyrics that becomes soundscape for me, you and every member of the masses. Enjoy!

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