Listen: “Life moves on” by Finneas

“Life moves on” by Finneas

Indie singer/songwriter Finneas brings us a bittersweet yet honest tale of love, heartbreak, and one last goodbye before life takes a step forward with his latest single “Life moves on”. With his finely crafted lyrics, he embraces the inevitability of life and the ups and downs that are part of the sometimes sad adventure. He speaks to us and reminds us that it’s ok to be sad when the heart breaks into pieces and then reminisce about the past and what was before the pain. We see a reflection of a moment or moments in our lives with the beauty and sadness of the soundscape that makes us feel right at home. Like him we understand that is not always the right time to be joyful and smile, it is fine to every once in when life takes decides to move on to shed a tear or two because of the decision. So enter his world and allow the reality that is heard and felt in the melodies and verses to embrace you and make you feel at ease for somebody understands. Enjoy!

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