Leon of Athens

London based indie pop singer/songwriter Leon of Athens continues his exploration of the self, the world and the nooks and crannies of the news today. With his latest gem “Xenox” he pushes on and enters a realm created by his imagination and inspired by the blend of dark and light that roams the world. While at moments the verses may seem a bit dark and traumatic, in reality, they showcase a fine and careful understanding of the whole. He embraces the dark moments that appear and also reminds us of the good that still can be found around in the vastness of the world. Through sentences, he creates a story that is mature, honest and inviting in its own regard. Quite frankly it is a welcomed blend of lyrics and melodies that walks away from the pretty fantasies that seem to rule the music scene at times. Allow him to speak to you directly and to share in the marvel of his soundscape. Enjoy!

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