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“F.W.T.B.” by Yonaka

Yonaka is back at it again with new music and they do not miss a beat as they serve us with the raw and magnetic in your face beauty that is “F.W.T.B.” (“Fucking with the best” to be a 100% clear). The four-piece continues to take on the rock scene and they do so with a passion and mastery in their craft that makes us feel excited everytime they release something new. Their latest gem is a powerful anthem for the masses and serves as an invitation to take back your voice and your very self in order to stand up to all who wish to push you down. It’s perfectly inspiring, inviting and without a doubt one of the finest and most energy filled indie rock tracks you’ll hear this year. Bravo Yonaka! You guys are bound for greatness and I would like to reserve a front row seat. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Theresa Jarvis (Frontwoman of Yonaka)”]The song is a big “f*ck you” to anyone who tries to get in your way and tell you no. It’s about taking back the power, standing up for yourself and being heard.[/su_quote]

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