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“Beautiful Life” by Kidswaste ft. Sophie Simmons

Kidswaste and Sophie Simmons bring us a much need type of track that is filled with positive vibes and the right ingredients to bring hope in your heart with “Beautiful Life”. The pair delivers a song that is sure to inspire all of us who get the pleasure of listening to it. They remind us that every day is worth being happy about for there’s always something worth looking at, listening to and smiling about. Through the sad moments, we might be filled by all the amazing memories, from the bad moments we might grow and be stronger and from everything we may get closer to being the best version of ourselves. In the end, life is about the sum of all the pieces and not just the broken and sad, but the total of it all. So enter their amazing world and remember …” it’s a beautiful life”. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Kidswaste”]I wrote this track with Sophie back in March and we both instantly felt good about it. Whether you’re broke or lonely (whatever might be getting you down) – there’s always something positive to find in even the smallest moments when things might not be going your way. Beautiful Life is about finding those moments and cherishing them.”[/su_quote]

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