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“Dreams” by Vanessa Carlton

Singer/songwriter Vanessa Carlton comes for the first time to Wolf in a Suit with an enchanting and haunting cover of a classic made famous by Fleetwood Mac. Say hello to a much-coveted song to cover, “Dreams”, and enjoy the unique touches provided by Vanessa, her band, and her voice. She fully captures the surreal feel of the original while making it personal and true to her own emotions and stories. We are pulled into a world that feels both familiar and unique thanks to her personal take on this marvelous track. So relax and let her transport you into a soundscape made from your dreams. Enjoy!

Fun fact: This cover is the second of six cover songs she’s releasing over the next few months. Be on the lookout for the upcoming ones and enjoy the first cover below.

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Previous cover (“Call your Girlfriend” by Robyn):