[su_quote cite=”Jesse Jo Stark”]It heavily references many of my inspirations, ranging from a Salvador Dali still to Tarantino films, and is an ode to horror which Chuck so vividly brings to life. The song is an anthem about the fiery nature of passion and relationships so we wanted the video to have a similar, electric feel. It features a performance by myself which represents a strong female taunting the dangers of love (here taking the shape of The Skeleton Man) which she dances in the face of. My love is dead.[/su_quote]

Jesse Jo Stark

Indie rock songstress Jesse Jo Stark takes us on a walk through haunting rock melodies and ethereal chameleonic vocals that transcends the limits of the screen and the headphones with “Fire of Love”. She caresses our very souls and fills our senses with a sense of fulfillment, joy and something indescribable as she dances through the notes like a goddess of rock. While her physical beauty captures your eyes, in reality, you are left in awe by the pureness and power of her voice that gives us a unique and refreshing blend of old school meets contemporary emotions. She is taking the torch and leading the way for young singers in rock to remain true to the fire and magic of it. Hands down one of the rock songs you’ll hear this year. Enjoy!

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