[su_quote cite=”Dagny”]’That Feeling When’ is my first single in 2018. The song shows another side of me as an artist, with a more melancholic, epic and atmospheric sound. It was written on an early autumn day in the studio, on my favorite instruments, the Omni chord. The inspiration for the song came from the hashtag #ThatFeelingWhen, and was written from my personal histories of not only falling in love, but also sorrow. It will be the first of two singles that will be released before the summer, and I hope that ´That Feeling When´ can create a different feeling for the listeners than my previous songs.[/su_quote]


Norwegian indie-pop songstress Dagny delivers a beautiful, personal and inviting music video for her latest must listen gem “That feeling when”. The talented artist allows into her world and into her heart and we get a glimpse of her personal stories and her moments with love and sorrow. She takes off the armor which we all carry around and truly pulls into her world and we are mesmerizing by beauty and truth that dwells in it. We can see a gentle and human reflection of us within this marvelous blend of music and visuals. She caresses perfection in pop with a song that balances the surrealism of the melodies with the reality of the songwriting making for something beyond words. Enter her world, smile and enjoy!

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