New Music Alert: “If the stars align” by Heather Jayne

“If the stars align” by Heather Jayne

19 year old UK based indie singer/songwriter Heather Jayne takes us on a magical and beautiful exploration of the heart and the ins and outs of love with “If the stars align”. She caresses a unique blend of bittersweet feelings and emotions that embrace the reality of the human heart. It takes the questions and the doubts that we at times have when it comes to taking a leap of faith towards being with someone and it gives it music. She provides with a soundscape that is inviting, wonderful to the senses and filled with an honesty that is refreshing to find. Without a doubt, she is bound for certain greatness and this beautiful song is a fine proof of it. Enjoy!

If The Stars Align tells the story of when you love someone, but timing, circumstances, and the fear of admitting your feelings and potentially losing that person, prevent you from taking that chance and being together. It focuses on one person telling the other how they feel, laying their cards on the table – asking one day, if the stars align, they could ever be together.Heather Jayne

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