Listen: “She’s Electric” by Tiger & Bloom

“She’s Electric” by Tiger & Bloom

Canadian indie-pop duo Tiger & Bloom bring us their latest inspired creation with the beautiful and inviting “She’s electric”, a must listen tribute honoring all those amazing women in our lives. They really manage to deliver a song worthy of share and dedication to others as it makes you feel happy and even inspired by it. It’s a fine-tuned electro-pop gem that dances beautifully through positivism, respect and creates a mesmerizing one of a kind soundscape. They continue on their rise and it will come to no surprise when in the near future they are headlining some of the coolest music festivals in the world. Enjoy!

We want everyone that hears this track to feel energized and like they can take on the world. We wrote this as a tribute honoring the powerful and inspiring women in our lives.Tiger Rose of Tiger & Bloom

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