Premiere: “Love you now” by Zack Ely

“Love you now” by Zack Ely

Indie singer/songwriter Zack Ely brings us a heartfelt and honest track filled with a certain old-school charm and romanticism that is welcomed and refreshing to hear. “Love you now” speaks of how each moment can pass you by in an instant and life can change from one second to the next and with that love can change as well. He delivers an inspired set of verses and inviting melodies that speak to a special someone who is like a shooting star, now seen…but tomorrow gone. Instead of being scared or trying to stop his heart from feeling, he dives into it and caresses the beauty of that instant that is only his to share with that special person. He gives his heart, his soul, and his voice for that moment that even though will fade away someday, it will remain everlasting in his memories. So enter the magic and vintage romanticism of his soundscape and simply enjoy it as you let the rhythm take over your body.

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