Listen: “Hear my voice” by Hein Cooper

“Hear my voice” by Hein Cooper

Australian indie singer/songwriter Hein Cooper takes a good look at what lies inside himself and from it creates a song that is sure to be an immediate favorite in “Hear my voice”. He manages to make melodies and lyrics easy to embrace and really connect with making his story feel universal and relatable. The song showcases a humanity that is at times lost in music and honestly, it’s refreshing to find nowadays. So allow Hein to pull you into the soundscape he has created and let yourself see a gentle reflection of who you are and who you want to be. Enjoy!

This song is about my experiences with falsehood, of hiding behind a version of myself that I’ve built up in a fantasy influenced by all the information thrown at us in 2018. It’s a conversation that I’m having with myself, basically saying: ‘Are you in there? Coz the guy answering the door is an a**hole and there’s gotta be someone else I can talk to!Hein Cooper

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