[su_quote cite=”Yorina”]I felt a certain liberty of expression in music that I’ve never felt in my other artistic work. Everything felt so easy. Melodies and lyrics were flowing like water out of my head. I finally had found a way to express my past hurts and feelings.[/su_quote]


Indie French singer/songwriter/designer Yorina enters the world of music after dwelling in the realm of fashion and she does so with the beauty that is “Wild as a Horse”. The talented songstress explores her own adventures and stories and takes a look at who she is and what she needs and wants. She serves us a certain melancholic and honest blend of emotions, verses, and melodies that make for a refreshingly mesmerizing track. The magic and ethereal wonder of her voice and lyrics are refreshing and welcomed in the evergrowing music scene. She is truly an artist whose name we must keep an eye out for because she has that “It” that separates the few from the many. So enter her world and allow everything to surround your airwaves. Enjoy!

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