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“Serial Killer” by Moncrieff x Judge

Irish artist Moncrieff joins forces with Kansas city based producer Judge and together create one of the most addicting and electric tracks I’ve heard this year so far. The guys take each other’s strengths and set the right energy and mood to allow the lyrics to flow with ease and passion arriving straight to our ears. “Serial Killer” is pure fire and it has something about it that borders between love, lust, need and want that is mesmerizing and strangely relatable. It’s that hidden desire to fall without any rules and limitations put to you, you are just addicted to whatever that lover has and cannot get out of it (and most likely do not want to get out). There’s just something here that makes the soundscape created be so enticing and haunting. So enter their world and just fall without any breaks and enjoy this sweet touch of magic and music.

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