Listen: “Radar” by Papaya Tree

“Radar” by Papaya Tree

From Sydney, Australia comes a band that will make you see the light and have faith in music once more and their name is Papaya Tree and they arrive with their latest single “Radar”. The guys are just made up of pure and unadulterated magic and talent that is felt and heard immediately in their tracks. They have a natural gift for blending lyrics and melodies and turning them into a story that pulls us in and makes us feel invested in the soundscape they have created. This must listen gem that is featured in this post has something about it that makes it feel classic yet contemporary at the same time. The track is a must for any music lover and for every and any playlist around. Hands down one of the best tracks I’ve heard and makes these guys immediately be part of my personal favorites. I invite you to listen to this gem and enjoy!

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