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Morgxn is one of the best and most talented singer/songwriters in the indie-pop scene of not only the US but the world as a whole. He is able to provide sometimes gentle, sometimes raw, sometimes fiery but always honest reflections of what society is. He does not hide his voice behind fantasies and easy routes but creates music from the heart, the soul and the situations he sees. Honestly, he has become an artist I am always excited to hear something new from because he kills it every single time.

He is the perfect example of an artist who is a must listen for anyone who dares call himself/herself a music lover. It does not matter what age, what gender or what music you listen to because he knows how to speak directly to you and connect with your stories. There are no if’s and but’s, just enter the beauty and reality of his world and allow the lyrics and the melodies to take over the airwaves that surround you. Enjoy!

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