Listen: “Right Direction” by Benjamin Lazar Davis

“Right Direction” by Benjamin Lazar Davis

Indie singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/all-around artist Benjamin Lazar Davis delivers the most beautiful, honest and as close to grasping the entirety of the human nature with his track “Right Direction”. He takes a step away from what everyone seems to want to sing about and really takes a good look at himself and all of us. He sees the questions, the doubts and the want for guidance in this adventure we call life. The song describes perfectly the question that always comes to mind, and that is: “am I heading in the right direction?” While we may never be sure of this fully, we can continue on with a special hope that we are and that in the end, our life will be worth telling our kids and grandkids. It’s hands down one of the most amazing tracks you’ll hear and will touch your heart and soul. It connects with you and provides you a reflection of who you truly are and all that comes to your mind. So embrace the story, connect with the melodies and enjoy this insightful masterpiece.

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