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This one should have been one of the first Must Listen posts because let’s be honest, there’s no denying that everything Rotana has created is beautiful, magical and most definitely must listen. She is one of the brightest stars in the night sky that is the indie music scene and she is in touch with her heart, her soul and the stories that surround her. This Saudi Arabia native is not only a singer/songwriter, but she is also a force nature ready to take the world by storm in an instant. She caresses a wide range of feelings and emotions and does not hide behind anything as she let’s it all be felt in each verse and note.

This time around she brings us a pure and inviting concept with her latest project, ‘The Demo Love Series’. In here she allows music to be felt in it’s most natural state, with mix, no master, no recurring vocals…just freedom to be one with the lyrics and the melodies. Frankly it’s a refreshing and magical way of letting music connect with the listeners and I am in love with it. So fall victim to the unadulterated and otherworldly beauty of her voice and aura. Enjoy!

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