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“Honey” by Danielle Deckard

Australian indie singer/songwriter Danielle Deckard brings her latest single “Honey” to us and honestly we are thrilled and excited for the beauty and bittersweet feel of the lyrics and melodies. The track is honest and so real while also managing to feel slightly surreal even though we know it comes from a place of real pain and regret. The title might evoke a certain romantic story, but in reality it embraces the end of it and the pain of knowing it has to end. Through moments past and memories that remain she waves goodbye to the kisses, the hands holding together and every second in which the relationship turned blurry. She embraces the bittersweet taste of falling out of love and creates a soundscape that is human, real and mesmerizing to listen and see. So enter her world and enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Danielle Deckard”]’Honey’ is about the end of something. It’s about trying to put off the inevitable and ultimately failing. It’s about regret, but also about letting go. I’ve always loved listening to sad songs, so it probably makes sense that I enjoy writing them![/su_quote]

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