New Music Alert: “Last Goodbye” by Zoey Lily

“Last Goodbye” by Zoey Lily

UK based indie singer/songwriter Zoey Lily delivers a bittersweet and human showcase of feelings and emotions with her latest single “Last Goodbye”. The talented up and coming artist explores the inner works of love, heartbreak and goodbye in this tale of the final moments of a relationship. She exposes her very soul to us allowing that vulnerability to be so attractive to our senses and really make us feel connected to the song. She does not dwell in fantasies, but understands the painful realization that at times it is best to end things before continuing to be hurt. The heart will ache, but this is not eternal and eventually life will move one and love will once again be hopeful for something more. So as she walks away from this, we can see that she will rise up once again.

Allow the verses, the melodies and the beauty of her voice to paint a picture that captures your very imagination. From this a soundscape is created and we are pulled without hesitation into her magic. Listen and enjoy what Zoey has to offer the world!

“You better leave cuz I’m just gonna stand here, I’m not the type who’d beg you to stay”

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