Listen: “TMYLM” by Brasko

“TMYLM” by Brasko

Indie singer/songwriter Jordan Gable aka Brasko comes into our world oozing confidence and with a swagger that gets you looking towards him as he lets his voice become one with music. His latest single “TMYLM” (Tell Me You Love Me) is absolutely amazing and filled with energy, passion and a certain theatrical feel that is refreshing to hear. The song caresses the border of romanticism and desperation in a way that is so human and so surreal at the same time. With his unique style he gives us a certain Bowie meets LANY meets Matty Healy persona that is an amalgamation of all we hope and want to see and hear in pop. So enter the exquisite world of his sounds and visuals and let him guide you through the lyrics as they become one with you. Enjoy!

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