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“Fall of the American Dream” by Rebel Kicks

Anthony and Steven Babino aka Rebel Kicks deliver a perfect anthem for the modern contemporary masses and the current political scenery of our country. “Fall of the American Dream” is a powerful, imaginative and honest showcase of sadness, anger and a will of fire to pick up and move forward. While the title might evoke a certain fatalist view, in reality the song embraces hope as a medium to move past the “sins” of our fathers. It’s a modern plea that is not heard by those who have already done the deed, but it will be heard by those who will fight to find a solution. It understands that nobody is perfect, but also serves to remind the “sinners” that actions have consequences and that doing wrong is hurtful to us all. So listen to the raw energy of the melodies and the beautiful yet passionate lyrics that become one with it and enjoy this must listen gem.

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