Featured Music Video: “Feel the energy” by Sean Koch

Sean Koch

Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa comes Sean Koch and their mesmerizing, haunting and utterly beautiful music video for their track “Feel the energy”. The former three piece/now four-piece create a certain experience once you push play to listen and see the magic that lies within this must listen/must see creation. The track is exhilarating and out of this world as it provides a certain ethereal and surreal connection not only with the music, but also with the world that inspired it and surrounds you. Frankly the entirety of this creation is magnificent and really manages to cement itself as a personal favorite for 2018. I might be as bold as claim that the track is hands down one of the best of the year thus fur (and most likely of it as a whole). So enter their realm of verses, melodies and energy and embrace it fully. So listen, see and enjoy!

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