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“Ripped Jeans” by The Sea Atlas

Calum Buchanan aka The Sea Atlas brings back a certain grunge like vibe that is reminiscent of the scene that took over music in the 90’s while still being in touch with the contemporary. “Ripped Jeans” has something about it that feels nostalgic, bittersweet but unique, intoxicating and simply mesmerizing to hear. The whole union of vocals, melodies and lyrics make the soundscape created by this gem a must for music lovers. It carries a story that is relatable yet surreal making it stand atop a mountain we can see but not fully grasp for there lies another piece of the magic that is part of it. Frankly an immediate favorite and one of those tracks that I can’t get enough off, highly recommended and I pretty sure you’ll fall in love with it as I have. So listen and enjoy!

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