Listen: “Before I wilt” by TRACES

“Before I wilt” by TRACES

Indie singer/songwriter Traces delivers a modern day ballad that embraces love, patience and a certain old school romanticism that is beautiful to hear. The track does not dwell in fantasies as most love songs do, but actually allows the difficulty of opening up to another to be heard and felt. The soundscape comes from a place of reality that makes it haunting and relatable. “Before I wilt” is one of those must listen tracks that all has the makings of becoming a classic and a touching story of what love entails fully. So allow his voice to tell you something you know and allow the verses and melodies to embrace your very existence as it pushes you forward into creating your own love story. Enjoy!

Before I Wilt is probably the first honest love song I’ve written. Typically, love isn’t a topic I cover often in my music because I haven’t had a lot of experience with it. I try to be present with how I’m feeling in everything I write whether it’s a positive or negative message, and this one came out somewhere in between. The idea is to hold on to something while you can. The verses are full of my insecurities while trying to find a willingness to overcome them. Vulnerability is an uncomfortable thing but necessary if we ever want to get out of our own heads and let someone else in.Traces

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