New Music Alert: “Escaping” by Cale Hawkins

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New Music Alert: "Escaping" by Cale Hawkins via Wolf in a Suit

New Music Alert: "Escaping" by Cale Hawkins via Wolf in a Suit

“Escaping” by Cale Hawkins

The following track is a beautiful and ethereal creation by singer/songwriter Cale Hawkins and I must admit I almost let this one pass through my fingers. “Escaping” is one of those tracks that almost left my grasp, but fortunately it came back and after another listen I realize one thing: it is a…masterpiece. The track blends classic funky melodies with contemporary pop touches ensuring it delivers a unique and refreshing touch for your musical palette. Plus the way his voice dances around through each note is hypnotizing and so smooth. Honestly Cale has that special touch, that special grasp of the surreal and mundane that allows “it” to shine through. So simply enter the soundscape he has created for our mortal ears to listen to and enjoy.

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