Listen: “Settle” by Arlo

“Settle” by Arlo

UK based indie singer/songwriter Arlo delivers a bittersweet, raw and human story with his latest single “Settle”. The talented young artist caresses the pain, the desperation and the feeling of being lost as one seeks love from someone not willing to give it. It’s the old tale of falling for someone who is not willing to jump because sadly you are not the destination they want. It speaks from a place of harsh reality that comes to us all as rejection is sadly part of the human experience and allows us to learn and to grow. It’s a tragic yet strangely mesmerizing soundscape that does not dwell in fantasies and fairy tales, but in the experiences that come and go and build us up. So enter his realm, allow the melodies to invade you and enjoy this beautiful bittersweet dose of magic.

Settle is about doing everything in your power to be loved or wanted. It’s full of desperation and hopelessness. It’s my most vulnerable moment on record. We all want to be loved by somebody one day. This is real heartbreak filled with real rejection, something I think most people can relate to.Arlo

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