Emergency Tiara

Say hello to one of my latest favorite tracks, enter the stage Emergency Tiara and her electric and mesmerizing single/music video “Explode”. The track is hands down without a doubt one of the best you’ll hear this year, there’s no other way around it as it connects immediately. There’s something about the lyrics that are so relatable and so real and the way the instruments connect creating the melodies make it a story that is intoxicating and catchy. From New York she comes and the world better be ready for she is bound to rule the indie music scene as she has the talent, the passion and that special it that drives her. So enter her soundscape and enjoy a piece of her magic.

[su_quote cite=”Juri of Emergency Tiara”]Explode is a song about a someone in your life who you care about and love so much, but also have to be always careful not to upset – an experience everyone can relate to. At the time of writing I was going through a tough time with two important people in my life – and the song is a way of asking them to open up, listen and accept (without having to agree).[/su_quote]

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