Premiere: “I don’t even know you” by Big Ocean

“I don’t even know you” by Big Ocean

Brooklyn musician Michael Hanf delivers his latest musical undertaking Big Ocean and this Wolf is excited to premiere their track “I don’t even know you”. After playing for bands like San Fermin, Hess is More, and Soft News he takes on a new adventure and we eagerly hop aboard his train. His latest musical creation has something about it that makes it beautifully honest and human. It has the capacity of becoming a different story for each of us, as it allows love for another and love for one self to be heard in the lyrics and melodies. It is a poetic and mesmerizing soundscape that pulls you in without any hesitation and you fall completely for what is in front of you. There’s no denying it as the song has a way of connecting with your heart, your soul and your true self. It is personally an instant classic that must be part of your personal playlists. Sit down, relax, and just allow the music to surround you and fill you up with a sweet dose of magic. Enjoy!

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