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“Whatever” by Sonia Barcelona

Talented and beautiful indie singer/songwriter Sonia Barcelona delivers a soft, ethereal yet inspiring modern anthem for life and the path we choose. “Whatever” is an enticing invitation to breath the air that surrounds you, see all the colors that pop up in your vicinity and to simply allow your senses to take it all in. It’s a reminder that you are in your journey and while guidance might be provided, in the end you pick and choose what to do. It lets us know this and to also have the inner strength to accept the outcome, whether good or bad because we decided. Personally the song is beautiful, real and has that capacity to blend the old and the new in a way that is everlasting. So listen to the verses created as the unite with the melodies creating a magical soundscape and enjoy the rid.

[su_quote cite=”Sonia Barcelona”]I created this song on a 2 channel looper by using vocal harmonies and my electric guitar. The lyrics were inspired by a question my friend asked me, “Should I move to Spain?” We laughed, because both of us knew what the best answer was and I responded with, “Do whatever you want.” and from then on I began writing lyrics. During the process I realized this song was also about my personal journey, combatting my own self-doubt about my music. I’ve come to a point in my life where I believe full-heartedly in what I do, and I’m ready for “whatever” comes my way.[/su_quote]

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