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“Formaldehyde” by Didirri

There’s something so raw, honest and beautifully bittersweet in regards of “Formaldehyde” by Didirri that you instantly connect with the track. It is a fine showcase of the reality of the human nature as we at times do not want to let go, even if it hurts more than anything else. We want it at our grasp for we can see a beauty that is not seen elsewhere and while we bleed for it we have a certain sadistic like smile for it is ours. It’s hard to accept that it is time to let go, we want things on our own time and rules, but we will eventually accept the truth of the matter. We are childish creatures you and I, but there lies part of our magic and our beauty…we can see perfection even when there’s none there to see anymore. Enter the real this talented Australian artist has created and enjoy the ethereal charm of this one of a kind soundscape.

[su_quote cite=”Didirri”]Formaldehyde is about nurturing the feeling of being out of control. Making sure you feel it to the fullest extent in order to resolve yourself. It’s not only about the feeling of being out of control but also one of pain. Specifically, when people ask you to let go of something you are not ready to let go of. When you can still see the beauty in holding on to something painful and ugly, and you can only let go of something when you can no longer see the beauty in holding onto it.[/su_quote]

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