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“Nobody” by Frauds

French indie pop band Frauds deliver their latest single “Nobody” and it is a beauty and bound to get you feeling excited for that future holds for them. The track is an exploration of the human nature and how at times we feels lost and out of place in certain situations. We might at times do things to make others happy while at the same time making us feel as if we were not being ourselves. It’s a feeling that does not necessarily come from something negative (like you doing something bad), but it can times cover fear, resentment, sadness and more. The track understands this interesting duality and caresses the word that comes to mind when we are in those moments. We feel as if we were nobody for we are not in our own skins during those moments. It might to hide a feeling, to make someone smile, or to hide the truth of who you are. The soundscape will envelop you and hopefully motivate you to be true to who you want to truly be. So listen and take a step from feeling like nobody and be somebody. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Frauds”]This song is about the feeling of being a fraud, an impostor, in certain situations. Do you know that feeling ?[/su_quote]

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