Los Angeles based Michael Goldman aka NONA continues to show me and the world that this project is one to be excited about as it continues to shine and grow with every song. “Girls” is beautifully, dramatically and perfectly honest with the emotions and experiences that make it. The track styling is simply refreshing and inviting as it blend old school melodies with contemporary touches that give it that exquisite touch to really stand out from the rest. Michael continues to amaze me and to really back my personal claim of adding him to my favorite playlists. The song is lyrically honest and blends perfectly with the surreal yet mesmerizing animation.Truly one to keep an eye out for, so listen and surely enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Zach Zezima, Animator” url=””]This animation is inspired by real life relationships and the cycle of pain some couples seem to inflict on one another. There can be a feeling of ownership over each other’s bodies and minds which devolves into resentment if not resolved, and this film uses these ideas as a jumping off point for a metaphorical interpretation of such a situation.[/su_quote]

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