Listen: “Beautiful Mistake” by Dennis Kalla

“Beautiful Mistake” by Dennis Kalla

There’s something so beautifully sad and mesmerizing about “Beautiful Mistake” by Swedish singer/songwriter Dennis Kalla that is just stays with you. It traverses the realms of music and from it brings us a bittersweet tale of love, heartbreak and one last goodbye to ensure the memories remain fondly inside of us. It’s personally the most hypnotizing and inspiring of all goodbyes, one that comes from a love that once was true and no longer remains but out of respect for it he wants to give it a proper goodbye. He does not dwell in hate or anger, but understand that it was a mistake to come together and must now go separate ways. It embraces the beauty of the mistake that once was known as love and gives it one final smile as a tear drops down knowing that tomorrow will not be the same. So enter the haunting magic of his world and enjoy!

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