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Music Video Recommendation: “Funny Girl” by Laura Rizzotto

Laura Rizzotto

23 year old Latvian/Brazilian indie singer/songwriter Laura Rizzotto delivers her haunting and beautiful single “Funny Girl”. The talented artist creates a story of love, heartache that leads to an ending that is up in the air and only our imagination can guess and hope for one. Her voice caresses perfection as the lyrics really paint a picture and we are hypnotized by the soundscape that is created thus ensuring magic is created. The track dwells in the situations that come from the notion that good guys and funny girls finish last as they are at times only seen as friends and not beyond. The verses showcase the fire of the emotions that dwell in the heart and soul of this funny girl as the visuals are able to showcase her in full splendor. In the end we can see that the funny girl was truly the most wonderful of them all and really aimed to give her heart. It’s a bit like a modern romantic tragedy or comedy or whatever your heart creates from it. So listen, see and most definitely enjoy this amazing track.

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