Listen: “Catch me if you can” by Richard Jahn

“Catch me if you can” by Richard Jahn

Talented indie singer/songwriter Richard Jahn turns the table on life and as the title clearly states tells it to “Catch me if you can”. The track is empowering and inspiring in the way it invites us to put our best foot forward a give our best. I reminds us to not be followers always chasing something, but get up there and be the one chased as an inspiring figure to others. The song is perfectly fun, catchy and refreshing in every sense as the track does not dwell in fantasies but in things that are attainable. So pick yourself, let go of all that pulls you down, smile and push forward. And while you do that make sure to enjoy this must listen musical creation.

Everyone puts limitations on themselves, consciously or subconsciously. This track is about empowering yourself to be limitless.Richard Jahn

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