Featured Music Video: “Running Underwater” by Kovic


Indie pop singer/songwriter Kovic delivers a visually stunning and melodically mesmerizing showcase of talent with his music video for his single “Running Underwater”. The up and coming artist showcases that there is talent within him that is ready to take the music scene and the world by storm. With careful and passionate actions he embraces the reality of what is needed to succeed beyond having a great voice and talent and that is a will of fire that reminds to push forward and work hard. Honestly just on work ethic alone I would want to showcase this song ( “Imagine having weights strapped to your body, then being fully clothed, and dragged down to the bottom of a 20ft tank, relying only on an airline intermittently passing in front of your mouth for oxygen, while lights and camera’s beam in your face and it’s your cue to perform”), but he adds the extra magic with the verses, the melodies and his voice to make a must listen track. There’s something special here and I invite you to hop on for the ride for he is bound to deliver more fantastic musical creations. Enjoy!

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