Listen: “Baby, I know it” by Francis Moon

“Baby, I know it” by Francis Moon

Amsterdam based Swedish indie singer/songwriter Francis Moon delivers his latest single “Baby, I know it” and it is simply amazing. While the track my feel as if it will tell a story of love or heartache, in reality it explores the self and how at times we find ourselves in a state of limbo. It uses the imagery of a special someone who is so close yet unattainable as a way to express this feel clearly. It connects with the personal path of the listener as we have all found ourselves in limbo once or twice. It allows us to understand that we are not alone and reminds to stay true to ourselves and the fire that burns within. Enjoy!

“Baby, I know it.
I can’t have you now , not like before.
You were out of your mind
always kept your wild heart strong”

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