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Music Video Recommendation: “Patagonia” by Patawawa


UK based indie trio Patawawa bring to the world the amazing music video for one of my favorite songs from their latest EP (Bedroom EP), say hello to the playful and inviting beauty of “Patagonia”. The track and the visuals are perfectly in sync and the approach to both is simply fun and manages to bring a smile to your face. There’s something about the graphics that reminded me of the first iPod commercials that only used the silhouette of the person as they enjoyed the music and makes you want to do the same. The soundscape flows perfectly surrounding you immediately and since the lyrics are on the screen you inadvertently start singing along and having a great time.

UK based indie band Patawawa bring back the funk, the soul and the disco with their latest showcase of amazing sounds “Patagonia”. The unique and talented trio serve this amazing gem which is going to be part of their upcoming Bedroom EP (To be released on 01/18/2018 on Splinter) in a silver platter and we happily dig in. The track is simply fun, inviting and refreshing to hear as it knows to really blend the old school sounds with the contemporary touches. There’s something special that can be heard in this song and quite frankly you can find it in each track they put out. Could it be? Yes, they have that special charm and unknown “it” that makes them a band to really be on the lookout for. Listen and enjoy!Said before of this song by the Wolf in a Suit

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