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The Swoons

The former duo now comes back as a set of three talented musicians: Matt Underwood, Tony Ann and Giacomo Timbrello aka The Swoons. With this addition in the lineup they have pushed their sound further ahead and really embraced the full capacity of their potential.  It’s impossible to not listen to each verse, each melody and the way the vocals flow hand in hand with them delivering a haunting and must have experience. Their care and passion in their craft serves to create everlasting and memorable soundscapes that encompass the pop genre while also pushing the boundaries that limit it.

This time I’ve decided to showcase their talent and prowess in the genre with two tracks, “Lost” and “Balance”. They are both unique and inviting stories that embrace specific experiences that translate directly from their titles. One understands that at times we might feel lost and out of place and the other reminds us that we need balance in our lives as work, relationships and more seek space in our daily experiences. They both provide a valuable message that really serve to make us smile for we are understood and music once again shows it can be home for our stories and emotions. So dive into the refreshing feel of their sounds, become a fan of this amazing trio and enjoy.

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