Listen: “When the clocks went back” by Matt Gallagher

“When the clocks went back” by Matt Gallagher

UK based indie singer/songwriter Matt Gallagher delivers a bittersweet and honest story of love, heartbreak and goodbye with “When the clocks went back”. He unites lyrics and melodies and really paints a picture that pulls you in and mesmerizes you as it feels yours. The story is one that derives from how two at times fall apart and the heart might still want what is not longer there to be yours. It’s a truthful reaction as to how regret, sadness and questions arise in the one who remains wanting to be together. The song also embraces understanding as it does not beg for mercy or plea for a false love, instead it says goodbye and wonders what could have been done. So connect with the story, embrace the bittersweet reality of it and enjoy a must listen track that connects with the masses.

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