New Music Alert: “Stay Warm” by George Taylor

“Stay Warm” by George Taylor

There’s something so classic and everlasting about the way George Taylor delivers the lyrics and melodies of “Stay Warm” that is simply intoxicating to the senses. The UK based singer/songwriter sets his mark with a song that manages to not only deliver a beautiful story, but truly connect and embrace the feelings and emotions felt by the listeners. It is one of those special songs that has all the right ingredients to become a ballad for the ages, a love song for those who have lost and a marvelous soundscape for those whose heart are still seeking. It is truthful and does not paint a picture of fantasy, but finds beauty in the bittersweetness of knowing that some things are out of our hands. Hands down this song is one to listen, hold tight and enjoy for as long as you can on repeat.

Stay warm is a song about longing for someone that you can’t be there for. It’s a recognition of ones own desperation and an attempt to overcome that through hope and compassion. I wanted to write a song that captured this sentiment in the most simple way possible. I had been listening a lot to Daniel Johnston’s ‘Some things last a long time’ and Leon Russell’s ‘Song For you’, which I think led me to write a song that is just carried by a vocal and a piano. The space and warmth of the piano allowed me to fully open up melodically and lyrically and express what I wanted to say with as much honesty and integrity as I could.George Taylor

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